Trade Start creates a better future for Logan

At the beginning of the year Skill360, in partnership with Construction Skills Queensland, offered the Trade Start program providing participants with the opportunity of a career in the construction industry. The program combined workshop and classroom training leading to a Certificate I in Construction with 160 hours of industry placement to gain real work experience and skills as part of a structured workplace learning plan.

Life changing

For Logan Cook, being part of Trade Start proved to be a positive turning point in his career plans. Having completed Year 12 a few years ago, Logan had always enjoyed working with wood and enjoyed the trade craft involved in making things. With this desire to work in the carpentry and construction area, he was very pleased to get a place on the Trade Start program.

“The people, training and resources involved with Trade Start allow you to make the best start in industry. Although the assistance and resources were great, they put the responsibility back on each participant to put in the effort for a successful outcome and employment potential.” said Logan

Having completed his Certificate I, Logan got active and secured work experience with CCW Cabinet Works where he was able to demonstrate his enthusiasm and potential. At the end of the four weeks, CCW were impressed with what they had seen and offered Logan an apprenticeship in cabinet making using Skill360’s apprentice management service.

Logan is now signed up and will be doing his off the job training at Skill360’s Trade Training Centre with CCW being his host employer for his on the job experience.

For Logan it is a dream come true and he is looking forward to the future; “After my apprenticeship, I would like to continue in the construction industry to learn all there is to know about the trade. I want to be the best possible tradesman that I can be.”

Creating better futures

If your business is looking for apprentices then talk to Skill360 about our management services and how we can take the hassle out of finding and employing your next apprentice or trainee. Contact us for a free consultation.

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